Company that seeks to transform the economy by making it more fair. It works from a perspective of transparency, equal opportunities and responsible consumption. They bet on securing a better world.
  • Universidad de Deusto, Camino Mundaiz 50 20012 - Donosti
  • Local cultural protection concerning internal and external communication
  • Network participation and/or work with regional bodies
  • Promotion of the local economy
  • Fairness – Social and solidarity-based orientation of products
  • Purchasing in the social and solidarity-based economy
  • Impact on suppliers
  • Economic surplus
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Responsible/ethical investment
  • Ethical banking user
  • Respect for customers (transparent sales; comprehensible products sales; friendly, flexible, simple customer service)
  • Respect for society (products that meet social needs based on policies and activities carried out by drawing up and publishing a sustainability or CSR report or social balance sheet (XES, REAS, Social Market))
  • Legal compliance
  • Sustainability policies
  • Energy and consumption indicators
  • Waste management
  • Wages policy
  • Equality or gender policy
  • Inclusion policy
  • Employment quality (training; conciliation; type of contract)



  • Balancing interest groups
  • Cooperativism, mutualism and the solidarity-based economy
  • Labour relations and participation in the organisation



  • Operating with cooperative and/or ethical banks
  • Management of at least 10% of cash reserves using ethical banking
  • Commitment to adopting ethical investment measures and criteria
  • Investment management policies under ethical criteria
  • % of total volume of investments managed under ethical criteria

0 Stars: Nothing or insufficient
1 Star: First steps. Basic
2 Stars: Advanced
3 Stars: Exemplary