Seguros Lagun Aro

Seguros Lagun Aro is an insurance company that belongs to the Laboral Kutxa Group and is part of the Mondragon Group. Seguros Lagun Aro offers and manages services for people, companies and institutions from the values of proximity, transparency and commitment.
  • Local cultural protection concerning internal and external communication
  • Network participation and/or work with regional bodies
  • Promotion of the local economy
  • Fairness – Social and solidarity-based orientation of products
  • Purchasing in the social and solidarity-based economy
  • Impact on suppliers
  • Economic surplus
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Responsible/ethical investment
  • Ethical banking user
  • Respect for customers (transparent sales; comprehensible products sales; friendly, flexible, simple customer service)
  • Respect for society (products that meet social needs based on policies and activities carried out by drawing up and publishing a sustainability or CSR report or social balance sheet (XES, REAS, Social Market))
  • Legal compliance
  • Sustainability policies
  • Energy and consumption indicators
  • Waste management
  • Wages policy
  • Equality or gender policy
  • Inclusion policy
  • Employment quality (training; conciliation; type of contract)



  • Balancing interest groups
  • Cooperativism, mutualism and the solidarity-based economy
  • Labour relations and participation in the organisation
  • Operating with cooperative and/or ethical banks
  • Management of at least 10% of cash reserves using ethical banking
  • Commitment to adopting ethical investment measures and criteria
  • Investment management policies under ethical criteria
  • % of total volume of investments managed under ethical criteria

0 Stars: Nothing or insufficient
1 Star: First steps. Basic
2 Stars: Advanced
3 Stars: Exemplary