Institutions with values, committed institutions

The Ethical Finance Observatory (FETS) gives the distinction to all insurance companies, insurance brokers and managers that promote the values of the EthSI label, identified depending on the level to which they comply.

Agrupació is an insurance company founded in 1902 and has been specialized in protecting families trough health, dental, pet and death insurance.

Broker committed to the integrated management of insurance for individuals, businesses and organisations, incorporating the values of mutualism, fairness and transparency in its product range.

Organisation committed to sustainable economic and social development, the social economy, education, trade unions and associations.

Seguros Lagun Aro is an insurance company that belongs to the Laboral Kutxa Group and is part of the Mondragon Group. Seguros Lagun Aro offers and manages services for people, companies and institutions from the values of proximity, transparency and commitment.

This is a non-profit health mutuality investing all its profits in improving the services it offers its members.

Mutual association working to be an alternative to traditional insurance, making insurance work for people in order to achieve a better society, showing greater solidarity.

Reale Seguros is a leading insurance company in the spanish market where it’s been present since 1898. It belongs to the Reale Group whose parent company is Reale Mutua Assicurazioni. Reale Mutua Assicurazioni is the largest Italian insurance company with a mutuality governance.

Broker formed by a group of associated work cooperatives to provide service to organisations in the social economy intended to provide ethical, transparent management in the insurance market.

Social PartnersCorredoria is an insurance broker specialized in insurance for social entities. Social Partners, is born with the vision of becoming a Social Broker, recovering the essential values of human relations as the basis of their differentiation.